Uniformed Officer Strips Off To Rim & Fuck His Big-Dicked Beau!

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Description: Given the uncut monster that we all know Joel Tamir has stashed in his pants, is it really any wonder that his new police buddy, Ken Rollins, can’t wait to get his kit off at the end of a long shift so that he can dive into bed and enjoy every throbbing inch on offer? Indeed, there’s no holding this horny fucker back as he devours Tamir’s offering like a long-time pro; until Tamir decides that he’d like to enjoy a bit of action for himself, and promptly replicates the favour. We’ve all known this oversized beaut too long, however, to think that a bit of dick-sucking is going to satisfy him; and it’s no time at all before he’s in his favourite position – legs akimbo, with his hungry fuck-hole on proud display. What’s more, Rollins doesn’t hold back from taking full advantage of the offering; energetically giving that hairless slit a thorough tongue-lashing, then thrusting his meaty length into Tamir’s guts to full effect. It marks the start of a stupendous, multi-positional fuck-fest, which sees Tamir once again consolidate his role as one of the leading power-bottoms of his generation. All wonderfully topped off by the sight of him creaming like a geyser; before dark-haired Rollins yanks out his own sweet goo!
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